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Ridgewood Homes Custom Build



For many people, building a brand new home is the most ambitious project they’ll ever take on. It’s dynamic and complex and can be somewhat overwhelming.


Of course, our steadfast goal is to deliver homes of the highest quality. What sets Ridgewood Homes apart from other custom home builders is our focus on your home-building journey.


From breaking ground to moving in, we will walk you through every step along the way. You will always feel listened to, informed, and in control. At all times, the quality of your experience will take center stage.


You can trust in Ridgewood Homes to make your custom home build an exciting and rewarding process.


So what are you waiting for?

 Let's Build It

Kyle Hout, Owner of Ridgewood Homes

Kyle Hout, Owner
Ridgewood Homes LLC

"It was awesome working with Kyle Hout and his team. Ridgewood Homes is very highly recommended in our book. We would definitely build with them again. Ridgewood Homes gets a five-star rating!" ~ Mike

Ridgewood Homes Owner, Kyle Hout and Family

Left to right: Charlie, Jake, Linsey, Kyle, and Eddie Hout


Kyle Hout, Owner of Ridgewood Homes LLC, is a general contractor and custom home builder located in Polk City, Iowa. Kyle has been in the real estate and home building profession since 2002 and now builds quality, custom homes all over the central part of the state.


Consistent communication and careful time management are just a couple key factors that stand out to those who have built their home(s) with Kyle at the lead. The Ridgewood Homes team is appreciated for their ability to produce homes of superior craftsmanship while paying careful attention to the timeline and budget of each stage of the building process.

The collaborative relationship established between Ridgewood Homes and its clients fosters a positive home-building experience obtained by all. Because of this, many homeowners have gone on to build a second (and a third!) time with Kyle and the Ridgewood Homes custom home-building crew.

Begin planning your new home today. Call (515) 201-6280.

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